Deer Season.

Deer season has always been a special time for my family and I.  Every year we load up the truck with all the hunting clothes, rifles, food, and B.S. we can fit, oh and don't forget the beer, and we head up north to our hunting land.  The biggest thing about deer season, to me, isn't even the hunting.  Don't get me wrong I love being in the woods alone watching the wildlife patiently waiting for my opportunity to shoot a deer and have some venison to bring home.  What I love about deer season is the time spent with family and friends.  All of the old guys telling stories of past deer seasons, or anything that might be funny that they can recall from years past.  Oh and the food, the food is one of the best parts.  Every year we have a big roast beef on the Friday before the season starts and a turkey on Saturday.  Oh and just for anyone out there who might be concerned, firearms and alcohol were never used together, safety always comes first.  Here are some pictures, enjoy.