It's been a while...

Man, I have been busy this last week or so.  I worked a ton at the Winona Daily News and haven't been shooting tons for myself lately, which is alright because I love my job.  There aren't really any special stories about any of these photos they are mostly just some streehotos from around my apartment and what not, so enjoy!

 All images ©Joe Ahlquist

Random Other Stuff From My Trip Home Last Week

So, when I was home last week I did a lot of just hanging out at my parents house with the animals and scenery. I did a lot of just shooting random stuff.  I also hung out with my grandma and cousin and played cards.

I also shot some photos of some grapes that are growing at my parents' house, and I shot some photos from a trip to the farmers market with my mom, which was pretty cool. The trip to the farmers market also resulted in a bunch of homemade stewed tomatoes, which makes THE best tomato soup. 

Oh, and one of the photos in here is a photo I took with the plan to order a print for my girlfriend for our two year anniversary (don't worry she already found out about it on accident, which was my bad haha), but I'm not going to tell you guys which one so you'll have to just guess. I do have to say that I am the luckiest man to be with such an amazing girl! Alright, enough about all that stuff. Enjoy all the photos! 

Oh, and one last thing! If you do feel like you want to guess on which photo it is you can guess on my Facebook page.  =] thanks again. 

Northern Minnesota Photo Shoot

So, get ready for a lot of photos!  I had a photo shoot the other day while I was up in Bemidji, Minn.  None of these photos were actually taken in town.  I was going for more of an outdoors look with a little bit of a western theme.

I've got some more photos coming of just general things I liked.  I will get to those photos in the next day or so.  I hope you enjoy these so far!

Fishing, Hanging Out and More Fishing

I had a few days off last week and was lucky enough to make a trip up north to Bemidji, Minn., to spend time with my family and BEAUTIFUL girlfriend.  I also got to hang out with a buddy that is on leave from the Marine Corps, but I didn't take any photos there.  I will also be headed back up there next week too.

Speaking of which, if anyone knows anybody looking to book a photo shoot contact me for availability and pricing.  You can contact me via Facebook, my website, or at

Anyways, I will be headed back up there next week to do pretty much the same thing I did last week.  So basically fishing, hanging out and more fishing.  So, it should be pretty good.  Enjoy the photos!