A random portrait shoot.

If there is one person that I know is always down to take some photos it's my brother. We were just sitting at home and the light was looking pretty good for some shots in our parents barn so we went out and had a little portrait session. Enjoy.

My, pretty much aunt, and uncle.

A while back I posted some photos of a garden. Well these are the gardeners responsible for all of the beautiful flowers. They also built and decorated this great garden "shed" that they probably spend more time in than their house. It also has a green house built into it so they can get a head start on some of their gardening.

This is them in their garden "shed" where they spend a lot of their time. 

Some photos from the last couple weeks.

These are just some photos I've taken over the last couple of weeks. Nothing special just shooting for myself. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays.

Northern Minnesota forest.

Today my mom and I went for a walk. I wasn't hunting at all just hiking through the woods, although maybe I should have brought a shotgun because I did see a couple of ruffed grouse. The weather wasn't super nice, not as cold as last time though, and it was pretty cloudy. The clouds were nice though and gave me some nice diffused light to work with.

My parents have been walking every morning, and they see some pretty cool country. The beavers have really taken over some of the area. It's always interesting to see the trees the chop down, and the trees they try to chop down.

I actually took this photo right before we left for our walk, but I thought it was nice because of the frost so I put it in here.

It looks like this beaver bit off more than it could chew.

Northern Minnesota

My dad and I went for a walk today kind of hunting, but mostly just to be outside. The temperature was in the single digits, but it was a pretty good time. I got some cool pictures and it was a gorgeous afternoon. Check them out.

My dad standing on a frozen creek.  Our "trail" for the day. 

These are some wolf tracks from a wolf that walked on the same creek that we were on.  They were frozen beneath a layer of ice so the wolf must have walked through on a warmer day when the ice was more slushy.