Road Trip Day 4-5: Campus, Cards, Music and Pizza

This is the last post from this trip, tomorrow Lauren and I will be making the long drive from Ann Arbor, Michigan, back to Winona, Minn.

This post consists of photos from bumming around Ann Arbor.

There are some photos from touring the law school with Lauren and Eric's cousin, Alex. There are some photos of us on the bus and waiting for the bus. There are also photos a person playing music outside of a coffee shop and photos of us bumming around Eric's apartment and playing cards. Oh, and there is a photo from Neopapolis Pizza, which was really good. 

Actually, there is one other photo down there that I forgot to mention. Some people decided to make a giant snowman in front of a bunch of tiny snowmen, which was kind of weird, but the light was quite good. 

For more of my photos and stuff from the road trip visit this post and this post.

Thanks for looking!

All photos ©Joe Ahlquist

Road Trip Day 2-3: Willis Tower, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Since I took fewer photos these last two days I'm combing the posts into one.  This post has more information on the trip and more photos =] 

The second day of our trip we went to the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) to see what it looked like from the Skydeck. We also went out on The Ledge, the glass boxes that jut out the side of the Willis Tower four feet, and got a better look of the street below. Some of us liked it more, Eric, while Lauren and I were a little scared at first, but it grew on us and was actually pretty cool.  It was definitely worth it. 

The rest of the day was filled with the drive from Chicago to Ann Arbor. 

The third day consisted of a small tour of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and watched one of Eric's friends perform some Cello music. Also, I put a couple photos from the first day in here that didn't make the first post.

All images ©Joe Ahlquist