Something to do inside.

If you have a bunch of cool 4x6 photos or photos of a similar size, or you are just looking to get some of your photos printed this is an idea of something you can do with them. All I did was order a bunch of 4x6 prints, get some clothes pins, and hang them on a couple of pieces of hemp on the wall.


It's been raining in Winona for the last few days, but I've still managed to get a couple of photos. Not to mention it's given me an excuse to be a complete bum. Here are a couple of photos from earlier today.

This Morning.

This morning my girlfriend and I walked down to the little grocery store down the street from our apartment.  It was absolutely gorgeous out earlier today.  I only took a few shots, but I really liked the shots I got.  I especially liked the shots of the bottles. 

Flower Garden.

My uncle and his girlfriend have put a tremendous amount of work over the last few years into their flower garden. Not only do they have awesome flower beds, an old life boat just to give you an example, but they built a green house with an attached kitchen. A while back I got the opportunity to photograph some of it. Here's what I got.

Ice Cream!

So my girlfriend, her roommate, and I went over to La Crosse Wisconsin the other day to get some ice cream at The Pearl.  It is kind of an old fashion type ice cream place, and it has some awesome ice cream.  We all got the same thing, a pumpkin flavored ice cream cone on a homemade waffle cone, and it was absolutely delicious.  I can honestly say that their pumpkin flavored ice cream is one of my favorite flavors.  I will definitely be going back soon to get some more. 


I've been doing a lot of walking around shooting street photos.  This one is one that I really like.  I like the colors of all the different bikes and the one in the center with the steering wheel turned, which also happens to be the brightest in color. 

The River.

Before I moved my brother and I tried to have a few photo shoots.  One in particular was shot at a park along the Turtle River in northern Minnesota.  This shoot was really awesome because I was able to use all natural light.  I really enjoy the use of natural light in photographs.  We were shooting in the evening, so the sunlight was perfect.  Right away after getting to the spot we were getting good shots using the sun as a back light.  After those shots the shots just kept getting better.  One of my favorite shots was of my brother lying in the river.  We had tried other shots of him lying in the water but none of them had the same feeling to them.  This one really has a lot of texture with the rocks & pebbles mixed with the ripples moving off his body.     

The Zoo.

The same weekend as The American North C.D. release show we managed to fit in a trip the the Como Zoo. We saw the usual zoo animals, along with some "flood refugees" from a zoo in North Dakota. My favorite is always the Orangutans. They always seem to have the most interesting human characteristics. The young ones are always playing with their mother, and there is usually an older male watching over everything. Anyways here are some of the images I got from the Zoo. Enjoy.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an E.P. release show by my friends in The American North. It was an awesome show all the bands, Taj Raj, Silverback Colony, and The American North just to name a couple, were awesome particularly The American North. If you're into good music you will enjoy any of these bands. You should check them out.

The American North

Taj Raj

Silverback Colony

The American North

The American North

The American North

Taj Raj

A Walk.

The weather was so nice a couple of days ago, aside from a little bit of wind, that my girlfriend, her roommate, and myself decided to go out for a walk around downtown.  Even in the harsh sunlight we got some great images.  I even had a couple take me up on an offer to get there photos taken.  We walked through some more industrial parts of town too, and found some really interesting backdrops for some future photos.